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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Welcome to the Nikon D90 Camp! The Camp of the WWW!

Yes, we are growing! And I am sure it's not by a stroke of luck that it is the case. For those who just joined in, welcome!

In a short (or long) six months, we have started from scratch to where we are now. This journey has help me rediscover the joy and satisfaction of photography. If you just bought your Nikon D90, you are advised to take your time and begin reading from the first article, over coffee on your favorite couch. You are in good hands. Here, we evolve or smooth out the rough edges of our knowledge of the Nikon D90. It's quite a complicated beast.

Don't burn yourself out by attempting to read all 400 posts on a few seatings! You will experience knowledge constipation. If you are contemplating getting the Nikon D90, you are not alone. I used to be one myself. And I never looked back in remorse of getting it.

We are all here to discover and have some fun! Lastly, I likes challenges, and firmly believes you can take real good pictures with the most basic lens from Nikon. With these shoe-string budget lens, I seek to share the techniques, tips to get the best out of your Nikon D90!

Well, if you are to ask me why I started this blog? Well, the answer is - there is not one proper blog that talks about the Nikon D90 today! Period. Most that I came across only seek to flood your eye balls with tons of Google ads or contains shallow content. It's not a journey. They are but alphabets and letters arranged on a few paragraphs. Don't you just sigh? O Well, let's continue this joy ride as we discover photography with the Nikon D90 each new day!