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Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Rather Interesting Train Network of KL

Not that it's my first visit to the capital but one that I can now relate in pictures. Of the full platform length of each station, the entire stretch of each train segment covers only half that platform, making one wonder what could have possibly happen in the design phase of these rail network. Either someone has decided to pocket the budget difference of offering half-length train carts or the budget was overly allocated to building these stations.

Worse still, if you so choose to change your mind in the direction of travel, you must exit the platform, cross the road below it, climb up the stairs to the opposite ticketing booth, buy a new set of ticket and board the opposite train track and finally be able to go where you are supposed to go. How's that for sports?

Want more? Sure. The system of train network are privately held by half a dozen of private companies. Changing tracks will mean a need to buy another new ticket...again. And oftentimes, this also mean a long walk to connecting stations which are actually kilometers away, before you can buy that ticket! O yes, they are unsheltered! Meaning if it rains, you can only wish you had an umbrella with you.

I lost weight just simply using the train network each day! Cool.

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