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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Nikon D90 Image Counter

So here I am again, counting the number of shots I took on my Nikon D90. 7005 for the past seven months. So still, I am hitting about an average shoot rate of about 33 images per day. Well, its kinda of indication if I still enjoy shooting or if my love of shooting is evolving.

As said, I am pretty sure 95% of us never hit a hundred shots per month. Well, if that's the case, its plain and simple. Your priority is not in photography. No big deal. You have something more important in your life. Well, as for me, I am trying to unify a whole list of priority into a seamless fabric of timeline instead of focusing on just a few of these priorities.

I have a family to look after. I have a fitness level to upkeep. I have to feed my geeky appetite for technologies. I want to get acquainted to a group of new friends at the same time (that's all you good people visiting this blog!!) What do I do? Take on photography!! Shooting makes me walk and travel many places, backpacking my kids for miles each week to work up the sweat while giving me a whole new experience to relate as accurately as I know how on a blog.

Did I get your attention about photography now?

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