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Thursday, June 4, 2009

More Comments from the Pros

Just while having my coffee today, I bumped into my dear friend who happens to be a professional photographer for the last 40 years! Well, I call him Jimbo as he's about as big as the name implies...in personality I mean.

Our casual coffee drinking slowly veered towards photography without much surprise and he made a rather interesting comment about why he has chosen to shoot with Nikon all his life. "Its the softness of the image that looks flattering with a Canon lens when taking people portraits. But if you attempt to bring this lens characteristics to landscape and architecture, you are screwed.", with him taking another sip.

"Nikon lens gives shooter razor sharp images with a decent dose of punch to the color palette. Don't get me wrong here", he added. "Canon makes good bodies, but their lens are just too soft for my likings. Nikon on the hand makes really sharp lenses with progressively better bodies in the last few years. They are really closing the gap in that area real fast."

Interesting how I much I agree with what he said...