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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Just for Fun - Switching to Canon For a Secondary DSLR Body?

Think about this for a moment and refrain from jeering upon this idea - Try out to own a Canon DSLR as your secondary camera! As I mention before, there are always pros and cons of owning two camps. You have to be pretty specific what you want each camp to do for you.

And as far as Canon is concern, its divest glass range will definitely prove useful if you seek, say, a longer reach at 800mm (Sorry Nikon). I was just thinking along the line to get say the inexpensive Canon 500D I put off last week. Yes, its very primitive and yes, its shoddy in construction, but I am only seeking for the core sensor engine that's worth using together with Canon's vast offering of cheaper glass!

Well, its just a thought but one that definitely has a certain weight in the whole equation of hunting down a second DSLR body.


Scott said...

To each his own I guess but I dont see the value in a second body from a different manufacturer...

The point of the second body is to save time switching lenses "on the spot". One would assume your already well on your way to building up a library of Nikkor glass you like to work with so why duplicate effort now?

Also there will still be those occasions where you want to travel light. With one body/multiple glass you are just choosing which bits of kit to bring with you.. Go down this route and you could foreseeable have favorite glass for different manufacturer bodies and now your stuck really compromising bring the nikon or the canon.

Lawrence Oei said...

Well, you definitely have a point there, Scott! But I have recently been looking through what Canon is offering and was thinking along the line where a wider variety of lens could well give me a chance to explore Canon.

I will take your comment valuably. Thanks!