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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Extremely Pleased with the Nikon D90

It's been a big round of discussion, review and narrowing down exercise for the last two weeks for me! To date, I have spoken to about a dozen of contacts who professionally call photography their career. And it's with regard to the next major step of photography direction I am planning to take. No, its not about going full-time on this enriching hobby but its the questioning of - "Is this it?"

Obviously, most of us Nikon D90 owners will, at certain point in time, reach this juncture, whereby we honestly ask ourselves - where to next? Be satisfied and enjoy photography as a tool of convenience or dwell deeper into where photography will lead you to? For now, I am very pleased to report that except for the Nikon D700 or D3 (or D3X obviously), I am pretty sure I possess one of the most advanced DSLR made by man.

The quality of Nikon D90's baked JPEGs far surpass contending brands by many miles (And I mean many!). Its what I call a very advanced point and shoot. You are not required to hide behind your desk to labor in hours of post processing before you can proudly call your work yours. I can still spend many more important hours with my family while making extremely good pictures to remember by. As far as your eyes have seen on my blog, none of my pictures shown here has been touched up by any software! They are all straight from the oven! (Frankly, I am too busy to do any post processing work)

With that, you still get the marvelous wireless yet very intelligent speed flash system that lead the pack of flashes in the world. Now, what else do you want? Only perhaps better Nikon glasses or DSLR body...