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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Cities Is Always About People, Architecture and Monuments

So what I am going to focus on shooting when in a new city? Night scene, some monuments perhaps? For my one-day shoot, I have selected a combination scenes to capture. These sites are hopefully situated near a train network, where its much convenient to hop on and off each location.

The Petronas Twin Tower is a must and is located just next to the Nikko hotel. I am told if you get up early enough, it can even catch a free tour to the top of the tower. Within it, its just another shopping mall. So, we are talking about architecture here. Now next to this twin tower lies two decent attractions - KLCC Aquarium and the KLCC park. From the Google satellite view, the park is a far cry from those national parks I frequent so I will pass on that. Perhaps, a morning stroll would reward me with some interesting scene?

My favorite would be KL's Chinatown. You can almost get what you want there and its just next to the Chow Kit monorail. Hopefully, the wet market there can be a tad more lively and unique. The last stop I guess can be the old Kuala Lumpur train station built in the 1911s. Conveniently located near the Pasar Seni train station, that could still be possible before I catch my flight out of KL.

Let's see.