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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Swamped in Reading About Flash Photography

I am seriously beginning to appreciate the big flash gun I acquired recently and with the first ten tips from the books I recently bought, have been trying to make some sense out of all of the information swimming in my head now.

Mind you, my indoor pictures are now significantly better and sharper, thanks to the SB-900. Off-camera flash usage has been fun to say the least. As opposed to the manual claiming that these speedlights must be positioned in LOS (Line Of Sights) to the Nikon D90, I manage to activate them anyway in almost every awkward position.

The wedding assignment is about a few days away and I need to acquire as much practical sessions before that big day breaks! I have indeed tons of information to share about improving the shoot approach as compared to some two weeks ago but have been overwhelmed lately with work and other new priorities.