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Friday, May 8, 2009

The Road of No Return - Flash Photography

Its the red pill I have taken for photography and I am still seeing where the rabbit hole will lead me. And as far as my recent diving into flash photography, it has opened up a big new door for me to further explore photography.

I still credit my eye as the best camera while acknowledging the gap between the best camera and the human eye being as far north is from the south. But I am an optimist. You kinda want to believe it will get there one day...

Speaking of that, I have an important wedding assignment coming up next week and I sure want to shoot better than average on that day with my camera system. No, its not a commercial assignment but a voluntary one. So the pressure is not supposed to be there. But to beef up my flash competency, I will go grab Joe's book - Hot Shoe Daries tomorrow and see if I can get to a higher ground the few days after.

Will share whatever goodies I have grasp on this blog...