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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Portable Digital Storage for Nikon D90

Not surprisingly, even with a 16GB SD card in my Nikon D90, the camera seems to now gobble up that available space as fast as I can transfer those HD videos and RAW shoots onto my Macbook Pro. And at the rate its going, its about time to consider either a cheap external drive or a portable digital storage solution with my Nikon D90.

Obviously, being more expensive, the latter offers owner the liberty not to lug their laptop around, while still allowing them to transfer those videos and images out of the SD memory card in a snap. For approximately $400, its something that effectively unchain photographers from their heavy laptop during longer shooting trips. Pros like Moose Peterson seems to swear by these Epson P-2000.

Being a geek however, I am sticking to my faithful Sony VGN-U70 UMPC's 20GB to tie me over those occasions. Well, whichever works for you, really.