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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Six-Month Pitstop for Nikon D90

So I went and so I deposited all my three lenses and body to the Nikon Service Center yesterday. As I believe there be minor adjustments required on the body for front/back focusing calibration errors (as seen on my Nikon ViewNX), I have decided to leave my whole camera kit with Nikon.

I was also told this routine servicing can take as long as 2 weeks! Along the way, I have also requested for a thorough sensor cleaning via liquid solution and I think you should too every six months.

As for the lenses, they are only covered by a one year international warranty no matter where you bought them, as opposed to some 4 to 5 years you get in the States. To expedite the servicing interval, I was also told to present shots that exemplify those front/back focus errors I claimed, to the Nikon Engineers. No problem there too.

Do visit them if not done so.