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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Side Track #4 - Backup Camera Nikon D40

On the first pass, at simply $400, you get the whole nine yards with the Nikon D40 body and a Nikkor 18-55mm lens! Wow! That sounds like a deal cheaper than a Canon G10 prosumer compact. In fact, its cheaper than a Nikon Speedlight SB-900!

Sure, you might want to tone down your expectation on the Nikon D40 against her bigger sibling, but the numerous web reviews I have seen have shown positive results with this baby. Well, as fluid as water is, I am quickly resisting a Canon G10 versus Nikon D40 face-off! Mind you, the Nikon D40 readily accepts all my lens and it takes on an SD memory card format too.

Now, the definition of backup is quite fluid too. Sometimes, the opportunity demands an immediate use of a longer focal length. What do you do? Whip out the Nikon D40 with the premounted lens and fire away! That's what. Just make sure RAW is used for salvageable post processing later.

UPDATED - Nikon D40 is at the verge of being discontinued. I need to make a decision to get one or wait...