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Sunday, April 5, 2009

How About Nikon D200 As A Backup Camera?

While looking at the fairly expensive yet under-performing Prosumer compacts, an idea just came to me today. How about getting an older (but brand new) Nikon DSLR at a bargain? Now, I don't mean the Nikon D60 or D40 but the Nikon D200.

Sure it's an old horse but a decent one at $600 from Amazon. And with its 1005-pixel RGB sensor and weather-sealing, it may possibly go where the Nikon D90 may have trouble getting. One of my dear friend has recently joined the fray of photography (seeing my passion for photography spreading!) with a used Nikon D200, and he simply enjoys shooting with it.

Sure it's heavier but it also boasts a high-speed 1/8000 second shutter speed and a direct heritage from the award-winning Nikon D2X.

To sweeten the proposition, both Nikon D90 and D200 uses the same battery, lenses and even Speedlight. How's that for all you who were thinking of getting the Canon G10, Nikon P6000?