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Saturday, April 18, 2009

First Hand-on for Lowe Pro Mini Trekker AW Bag

Sure it's just a $120 bag and comes with over 10 separate internal compartment pads to house up to two DSLRs and 4-6 lenses. But I am most pleased today that it fit my Manfrotto 190XB like a glove too! Thankfully, I did not gave in when the tripod sales person wanted me to take a separate strap for the tripod for over $30 previously!

In my short photo shoot today, I, however, found that this bag is not designed for fast removal and swapping of DSLR and lenses on-the-go. And the two side fastener straps (of the bag) have to be unbuckered to access the main compartment.

Well, I guess the need for such swap is minimal and considering the fact it comes with a retractable rain cover, it's high on the practical side of design. In fact, this bag also comes with a separate compartment that allows you to stuff even a small netbook into it without much trouble. My mini Fujitsu P7120D laptop fits in just fine in that compartment!

I conclude this is a mandatory investment to prevent my three lenses from "tumbling" in my current Targus backup.