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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Why Nikon D300 Not Worth the Upgrade from Nikon D90

I started evaluating the Nikon D300 just for fun sake recently, to see if there be any value using it as my next camera. The Nikon D90 is a fine horse, and has been the DX camera of preference as it takes video and shoot with the same sensor as the D300. But as my recent photo shoot turned out in Hong Kong, its 11-point AF focus points seems unable to nail the designated focus points it said it would more and more often. Sure, the photos were purely for keep sake purposes but those blurred shots when it should be crisp and sharp seems to suggest a better camera like the D300.

So, I walked to one of the more popular camera shops certified to sell genuine Nikons and popped a few questions about it. Mind you, this is Hong Kong. Fakes, parallel imports are everywhere so you've got be shrewd.
The D300 is on clearance and the price has been drastically slashed in HK. That was a push factor. The system is equipped with a 51-point AF system. That was a push factor. Nevertheless, the need for upgrade was shallow as the Nikon D90 sensor is inherited from the Nikon D300. Its sheer bulk size is also a minus. Its not full frame. That's another minus factor. The noise reduction engine is identical to the D90. Hmm...tough decisions.