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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Taking it From the Top

Thanks for being so patient recently as I kinda stopped blogging for secular work reasons. But it has not all been lost as I took time to do what I promise I would do - delve deeper inch by inch into perfecting my photography knowledge and experience.

At coming to 5000 shot counters on my Nikon D90 so far, I would say its really a good warm up, chalking up only 5% of the shutter life! With it, I began to felt really integrated with my camera, shooting at occasions I would pass out normally. With the Blackrapid strap, I seriously are now giving due credit for its invention. It's so....rapid and easy.

As for my relentless but budgeted pursuit of photography, I have also got my new super zoom lens - Nikkor 70-300mm. Mind-blowing prices with relatively sharp images!