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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Nikon D90 Bayer-filter Image Sensor Versus Sigma Foveon X3 Sensor

With my recent visit to Sigma local office, I've got the opportunity to review the flagship DSLR of Sigma - Sigma SD14. What differentiates this DSLR is the sensor type found in the camera. Unlike what every non-Sigma DSLR manufacturers use, Sigma acquired and uses the Foveon X3 image sensor that boasts 100% capability to capture ALL RGB color on each pixel of the sensor.

The Sigma SD14 catalog sample shots are astounding but are what I suspect, "touched-up" copy of the original photo with the Sigma Photo Pro 3.0 software. Makes me wonder how those Flickr images on the Internet orginally look like...average I would say.

Technically and theoretically, I believe the Foveon X3 is a superior technology, but realistically, Sigma just could not deliver a complete package, having the result marred with higher noise at high ISO. That aside, Foveon's low-light performance are seen superior to the Bayer-filter implementations.

Who knows? Maybe, with a proper lab, it can be perfected?