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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Hong Kong's Economic Situations

I have the pleasure to talk to various contacts while in HK on my last trip there and, essentially, all financial models are out of the windows and no longer applicable! Some says its as much as 15 delta deviations, and seriously many shops I frequent is no longer in business. Many feared the availability of their job positions in the next few months, and there are now visibly more people walking the streets even during working hours.

The well-thought investment model is no longer viable as the financial model is now being sent back to the stone age. Being a vicious cycle, the tightening in expenditure and purchase of the remaining cash-rich folks only seek to worsen the whole outlook.

Everyone is looking for a job opening everywhere while the elderly "yum char" and shook their heads in loud chatter during their routine morning breakfasts. The above shot is taken casually on a train ride to the Sigma lenses shop in Wanchai.