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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Back from Manila!

Well, many exceptional shots were taken while I was in metro Manila last week and I will attempt to upload them onto my gallery later. Boy, it sure was an interesting city!

My Nikon D90 (without the use of the MB-D80 and 18-105mm kit lens) serves as a killer combo, nailing sad faces, objects and movies all into the 16GB memory card, maxing it out till sparks flew. My eyes are so accustomed to the 50mm focal length now that it took me a while to adjust back to my kit lens. I'd simply love the 50mm! Sharp always in Aperture Priority mode. I snapped the famous Manila sunset, Intramuros old walls all with this baby!

Tomorrow, I am off to Hong Kong, so I am squeezing my packing with tripod and all this time round.