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Monday, February 2, 2009

Tip - Automatically Capture Multiple Shots in Self Timer Mode

If you ever shoot on tripod delayed-timed for a family portrait (with small children), you will soon learn the big possibility of a re-shoot due to the lack of eye contacts of the younger subjects when you failed to coax them to look towards the lens upon shutter release.

Fear not for help is at hand on the Nikon D90! Here's what you simply need to do. Under the C3 Menu item - Self timer, simply ensure "Number of shots" are set to 3 (or to a maximum of 9 shots) before your next shoot. In this way, the elapsed timer will result in a release of a salvo of multiple continuous shot on your subjects, giving you a higher probability of getting a good family portrait with good eye contacts.

Choose the best and delete the rest. Easy cheesy lemon squeezy...