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Friday, February 13, 2009

Focus - Photo Journalism Photography Approach

  • Provide a good visual story, strong photography with a point of view, plus intelligent layout on the printed page
  • Most subject themes revolve around human events
  • Depicts the relationship of people to their environment, society, work, violence or some
  • Plan a mental list of vital pictures, so that your project is structured and shows various aspects of the subject and theme
  • Open-minded approach recommended with lots of photo takings
  • Show differences between young and old, rich and poor or contrast people’s public and private lives
  • People at work could be photographed to show both social life and working activity
  • Scenes and behind-the-scenes shots to cover a rounded view of that event
Equipment and Techniques
  • 35mm/50mm are the ideal format
  • Use existing light as much as possible
  • Have a wide angle for interiors
  • Be inconspicuous, and merge in with the people around you
  • Dress appropriately and simplify your camera kit