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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Dye Printing Versus Inkjet Printing of Shoot

Remember my last review of the Epson photo printer? The one that has a small footprint but boasts print economy? Well, to my discovery today, its considered a dye-print type printer that does just that at the expense of print quality.

But we know Epson as a superior print company endorsed by many professional photographers. And in my pursuit of "better" perfection in my print out, I have decided to go back to the more cumbersome but higher-resolution inkjet printer from Epson.

Pitching against the supreme Epson Stylus Photo R1900 printer, I decided to give the Epson Stylus Office T30 a try due to her $89 price tag! Call me cheap but breaking news of the spiralling-down economy just make me reconsider how good is actually enough. At an almost bleeding edge print resolution of 5760 dpi (Dot Per Inch) by 1440 dpi, I objectively believe its sufficiently sharp for 4R or even A4 sized prints.

If you are a Machead, please don't just simply setup the printer driver on your Macbook Pro and attempt printing via Nikon ViewNX. Use the supplied Easy Photo Print software to get it at the highest resolution possible on your first print. Or be ready to burn a few photo paper on your first few attempts. My experience can be your gain...

So how's the print quality, you would ask? Superbly sharp I must say at $89! O yes, I recommend the inexpensive Canon Matt Photo Paper MP-101. Home run on every print. Word of caution - use the white-colored side of the photo paper to print on.