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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Alternative Strap for Nikon D90

Seems that everyone is raving and talking about this new kid on the block for straps - Blackrapid. I mean it looks comfortable and handy (as seen on the product video) but I have yet to try it out myself. You see, so far, my little homework on my upcoming visit to Philippines has not turn out too positive.

In short, its a rough place to be in where most people live below the poverty line. The more promising talents have all left the country for outsourcing jobs, and in the 8.5 million commoners in Manila today, most are jobless or not exactly doing much. Corruption is at a all-time high. No one actually bothered. The MRT (train network) extension plan for the airport discussed in 2002 is still been planned in 2009. In other words, its a stagnant economy with poor safety records and likely low moral. I am even told that its not very safe to even carry your Nikon D90 around over your neck (as my colleague pointed out) without being harassed or robbed. OK, so its worse than Malaysia! I get the picture.

Despite all that, I would still want to carry my Nikon D90 camera system to Manila (with insurance purchase of course) but I am seriously considering the use of the inconspicuous Blackrapid's R-strap under my coat while traveling there. It kinda help me hide my gear while still allowing me to shoot fast when needed. At about $50, its also not about to break the bank.