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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Move Aside, Manfrotto 682B!

I personally don't shoot a lot with a tripod, but there are just time you wish you had one with you that day. I have been also looking around for a less cumbersome way to solve my problem and it seems monopod may just be the way to go about it, especially the self-standing ones.

My local chains of photography stores carries the most popular make, including the Manfrotto 682B and it was a shocker when seen in person. My impression of it being sleek, sturdy and light just didn't materialize! It was like a huge metal pole that you see supporting some sort of building infrastructure. Disappointment. Of course, if your wallet is exploding with green bills, you can opt for the carbon fiber model, which does take the weight off significantly.

Moving forward, my quest to look for a multi-purpose monopod points me to Trek Tech's Trekpod II, which is priced equivalent to the Manfrotto 682B. And boy was I surprised at its weight, dimension and usability! Weight wise, Trekpod II is at 760g versus 1150g for the 682B. Price wise, its at $79 versus $105 for the 682B. Hey, lastly, the Trekpod II allows it to function as a real hiking pole, having the ability to withstand up to 90kg of weight exertion!

I am getting this baby home for my next hiking trip!