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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Killer Accessories for Nikon D90

Like a computer, its always good news to owner of Nikon D90 that it can be enhanced with a string of killer accessories (excludes optical lens). Here's a roundup of the dream accessories I would want if the banker is in town
  • Eye-Fi Wireless SD Card (2GB) - With this in your SD slot, you've got yourself the ability to shoot, store and transmit your photos or videos wirelessly onto a PC or even to a web host like Flickr! No wires, no mess, no compromise. Price starts from $59.95
  • Nikon SB-900 Speedlight - Cream of the crop in flash photography with your Nikon D90, all cutting-edge flash features like image area selection, multiple illumination pattern, auto fp sync roll into a 415g package. Price as low as $399.00
  • Hoya Pro1 Digital Filter - The brick and mortar of enhanced color contrasts, and a host of different effects for UV, polarized, ND etc. Price begins at $49.90
  • Blackrapid RS-4 Sling - Want to shoot fast but stay non-intrusive? Sling this baby on the Nikon D90 and you are on your way to capturing your candid moments on demand! Cheap but effective. Highly recommended at $49.90
  • Trek Tech Trekpod XL - The big brother of Trekpod II (mentioned on my previous article). This lightweight carbon fiber pole stands on its own in a 0.5kg combi and double up as a trekking pole that supports a hefty 6kg of optical equipment without breaking a sweat. Priced at $399.99. Who needs a tripod?
  • National Geographic Global Travel Jacket - A jacket with so many useful compartments that it beats the standard photgrapher vest hands down, and yes, all while keep those nimpy weather at bay from $159.00
  • Oakley Minute 2.0 - Fits my small face, I always bring it with me whereever I shoot, that I keep my eyes protected before composing each shot in the glaring sun! Price starts from only $105!
  • Nikon GPS Unit GP-1 - O right, very suitable for those who shoots and ask questions later. After all, the geo tag information are automatically embedded into each shot you take. Sort automatically later via locations. Not cheap from $250.00
  • Nikon MB-D80 - Its so handy and useful to accommodate my full-day shoot with images and videos. Even enhances the ergonomics of handling in every way! Buy at $150 or regret having a sore hand after prolonged shoot session.