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Saturday, January 17, 2009

HDR (High Dynamic Range) Photography Explained

In short, its a radically new approach to take high contrasty shots, in hope of assisting photographers like us take home with us, a memorable taste of the scene we captured.

The basic layman idea is to take several images of the same subject at different exposures via AEB (Available in the Nikon D90) before merging them together via overlaying techniques found in our camera. The results are often striking, yet this technique may require a good dose of patience and practice. But hey, the advantage in this case is that the Camera has done most of the work for you!)

Again, non-Nikon D90 owners may accuse us of not playing fair in mastering this technique as the image overlay tool is built-in in our camera.

In the next few articles, allow me to take you through achieving this!