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Monday, January 12, 2009

Epson PictureMate Deluxe Viewer Edition

Picture this. You brought your Nikon D90 to a family event. Naturally, you became the default photographer that night. All those with their small compacts just suddenly went quiet. OK. You took your shot, it turned out perfect. What's next?

Obviously, to print! Of all the reviews and homework I have done, it seems Epson got the hang and leadership in making them a skip better while maintaining one of the lowest print per photo cost.

The good: Six-color ink cartridge produces top-quality prints
The bad: Printer is bigger and bulkier than most
The bottom line: The device is on the expensive side, but per-print costs are cheap

Epson popularized compact photo printers last year with its original PictureMate. This upgrade adds a color LCD for previewing your snapshots before you print them. Print packs with an inkjet cartridge and 100 sheets of glossy paper are guaranteed to yield at least 100 prints, but most shutterbugs get many more (we printed 176 snapshots from one cartridge earlier this year, giving us a price of about 18 cents a print.) The printer has built-in editing functions, such as cropping, but viewing and editing can be slow with higher resolution photos.

Or better - Epson Picturemate Zoom that incorporates CD burning capability!