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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Cost-Effective Tripod Recommendation - NG TT1 Tundra

We have been here before, talking about the need for a decent tripod. Monopod's war is over - it's Trektech's Trekpod! But what if you need a tripod? A decent one without closing your bank account?

I recommend the National Geographic NGTT1 Tundra tripod with an integrated ball head.

Key Features

  • Dial at the top of the legs allows for angle adjustments. Turn the dial to select normal leg angles (23 degrees), medium leg angles (45 degrees), or low-angle (80 degrees) to achieve ground level shots.
  • The column unscrews and splits into two sections. In combination with the low angle leg setting you can get your camera all the way to the ground.
  • Natural anti-rotation shape ensures the legs don't turn. The elliptical shape also provides greater rigidity at the point where the legs attach to the tripod.
  • Easy-to-grab knob quickly locks and unlocks the head.
  • Large rubber feet provide stability on flat and uneven surfaces.

Priced at about $75

But do note that this tripod is unable to take a combined lens-body weight of over 2kg!