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Sunday, January 4, 2009

About Aperture 2 or Nikon Capture NX

As previously mentioned, you can use any platform you are familiar with, and I am sticking to Apple's Aperture 2. Its in my opinion stronger (more capable) than even Nikon's own in-house make - Capture NX. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom would be a strong alternative in the Windows platform. At one point of time, editing my photos from my work after my shoot is considered cheating and I strive to keep that balance in mind.

In fact, its solely to the objective of "rescuing" those minority valuable work I hope to keep and not simply put them in my trash bin. Many pros consider Aperture their left hand while they shoot with their right. I would simply like to attest to this fact and how, with such a tool, can I hone in my work as an amateur photographer.

I have seen the opposite true where these bunch of "photographers" spend hours after hours tweaking each shot they took religiously. I call them "publishers". Well, this is a conscious choice. So far, none of the image on my Nikon D90 gallery has been "touched" by Apple's Aperture or Nikon's Capture NX. But when I begin work, a new gallery will be opened to share with all the "results" of such editing work.