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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Postures for Sharp Image Without Tripod

No matter if you own a good tripod or not, you will obviously be caught in time without one. To my recollection, many places of interest ban the use of tripod within its premise. And what better tips can I churn out than tips to negate the shakes in our hands? Here's the magnificent four I bear in mind as I take photographs (need you to be imaginative as you read) without my tripod

1. Elbows In

As often as possible pull your elbows in to your body and exhale completely before depressing the shutter. When you’re working with a wide aperture or low shutter speed (or both), even a breath can introduce shake. Pulling your elbows tight to your body can really help keep you steady. I also press my elbows firmly into my chest for even greater stability.

2. Raise Your Left Shoulder….

Raise your left shoulder, and bracing my left elbow into my rib-cage. For further stability, you can pull your right elbow in to your chest. As always, exhale completely before depressing the shutter to avoid introducing shake.

3. Create a Tripod With Your Knee

Have a seat! You can create your own tripod by resting your elbow on your knee while in a seated position. Again, bring that other elbow in for greater support.

4. Lay Down

Lie flat and let the lens sit directly on the ground. The problem with this is that you’re likely to have quite a downward tilt to the lens and unless you’re aiming to photograph the pavement, you probably won’t end up with the shot you’re hoping for. As an option, you can place your hand flat (or clutch it as a fist for greater height) against the cement and balanced the lens on top of it to give yourself some height.