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Friday, December 5, 2008

Nikon Transfer and ViewNX Upgrade Available

The bundled software that comes with my Nikon D90 is outdated. Do take some time to bump it up when possible to version 1.3, available for both operating systems - Windows and Mac.

Visit Nikon's site for immediate downloading [here]

ViewNX 1.2 Change log for those techie to munch over
  • Image display support for NRW-format RAW images captured with the P6000 has been added. However, these images cannot be developed or edited.
  • A GeoTag icon has been added to the toolbar.
  • Based on the GPS information embedded with capture, shooting location can now be indicated on maps using Web Mapping services. In addition, GPS data can now be added to images captured with cameras that do not offer a GPS function or those to which geotag information has not been attached, by confirming shooting locations on the map.
  • A myPicturetown icon has been added to the toolbar. Files can now be uploaded to myPicturetown by simply clicking this icon.
  • IPTC information can be copied and/or pasted. Select the image containing the XMP/IPTC information to be copied, and then select Copy IPTC Information from the Edit menu. Select the image(s) to which XMP/IPTC information will be pasted choose Paste IPTC Information from the Edit menu. XMP/IPTC information copied to the clipboard will be saved to the selected image(s).
  • File and camera information for a particular category (File Info 1, File Info 2, Camera Info, etc.) displayed in the Metadata palette can now be copied via context menus*.
  • Sharpness, Contrast, Highlight Protection, and Shadow Protection adjustment functions have been added to the Quick Adjustment palette.
  • Fine Adjustment, and Tint adjustment functions have been added to the White Balance section of the Quick Adjustment palette.
  • When Use Gray Point is selected for adjusting white balance from the Quick Adjustment palette, the size of the point can now be selected from 3 pixel sizes.
  • In Full Screen display mode, file order / total file number is now displayed in the bottom bar.
  • In Full Screen and Image Viewer modes, the zoom ratio is now shown.
  • Two separate image rotation icons, Rotate 90° CW and Rotate 90° CCW, are now available in the toolbar. A Rotate 180° has also been added to the context menu*.
  • Full screen slideshows of all images can now be displayed when no images or just one image is selected in the Thumbnail area.
  • When a window is displayed on the secondary monitor in a multiple-screen environment, the display profile can now be changed to that of the secondary display profile.
  • Map Datum and Altitude Reference items have been added to the GPS information displayed in the Metadata palette.

* - A context menu is the menu displayed when the mouse button is clicked while holding down the CONTROL key.