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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Nikon D90

Its a bit like the Lenovo Thinkpad to a Nikon camera and Canon to a Fujistu Lifebook. Its not exactly love at first sight. Perhaps, from the familiarity of compacts to a SLR, all of them love big and ugly. But I must say, the red lip on the right hand grip of the Nokia D90 cries out in a certain appeal on an overall glance.

The Nikon D90 has been heavily reviewed on the Internet and I am not about to reinvent the wheel again here. With slightly over a month of hands-on, I find myself stuck 99% of the time using the P mode of the command dial. For whatever specific reason the Macro, No-flash etc. mode were provided, I have yet to find good reason to use them. The gap cover sitting to cover the flash mount is well-engineered and surprisingly, many of the dials and buttons were much better position to promote one-hand shoot.

The image gallery on your right shows you some of my work as my interest in using it grew. As far as buttons are concerned, the play, WB, QUAL and Lv buttons are most commonly used, against others like the AF, Exposure compensation and Lock functions. Finding the on/off toggle below the shutter release is a fine touch to the idea of human friendliness as startup is quicker when a shot is called for. The battery grip basically extends your shots between recharge routine and makes the photographer appears more professional. In addition, the acceptance of common AA batteries makes emergency situation a breeze to continue shooting.