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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Canon 50D Versus Nikon D90

As the insatiable desire to compare in all of us go, we often find ourselves comparing the Nikon D90 with some competing products in the market, but what better assured confidence we gain when we know the Nikon D90 is truly an innovative imaging solution.

Here's a summary of Nikon D90 Strength over Canon 50D
  • Allows for HD video clip recording up to 720p at 24fps
  • Incorporates a 420-segment RGB metering system compared to the 35 segment metering system on the EOS 50D. This Scene Recognition System is designed to recognize the subject or scene conditions prior to capture. The results are then reflected in auto exposure, autofocus, and auto white balance for highly accurate control.
  • Equipped with the same high-performance lateral chromatic aberration compensation as found on the Nikon D3 and D300
  • Incorporates an extensive In camera retouch menu for post processing of images
  • Offers 3D Focus Tracking (using 11-area AF points) compared to the EOS 50D which incorporates a less advanced 9 point auto focus system
  • Built-in wireless flash support is found in the Nikon D90 with the camera being able to act as a "commander" to communicate with and trigger external speedlights wirelessly
  • Features an AF assist beam for low light focusing compared to the Canon EOS 50D where the flash has to be raised in order for the AF assist feature (multiple bursts from flash) to function
  • Image geo-tagging ready
  • Smaller and lighter
Here's a summary of Canon 50D Strength over Nikon D90
  • Features higher 15.1 MP sensor
  • Offers faster start up and continuos shooting capability up to 6.3 frames per second (fps) compared to the Nikon D90 at 4.5 fps
  • Incorporates weather seals for added protection (around the memory card door and battery cover) for camera body
  • Offers a 2 stop EV over 3200 ISO sensitivity setting equal to 12800 ISO.
  • Up to 1/8000 sec shutter speed on the EOS 50D versus 1/4000 sec on the Nikon D90.
  • Faster flash sync offered on the EOS 50D at 1/250 sec compared to 1/200 sec with the Nikon D90