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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

About Why the Nikon D90

Being a perfectionist in pursuing image sharpness yet petite footprint, I have been an avid fan of compact cameras such as Leica D-lux 3, Contax T3 and Sigma DP1. They produces sharp well-contrasted images but not "rounded" enough for my insatiable appetite for better quality pictures.

So, my hunt began and it soon drew me to the arena of the bigger brother of photography - SLR. The budget-conscious mindset of mine has never entertain the idea of owning a "bottomless-pit" hardware like the SLR but it still demands my attention as I review its pros and cons.

Only a few in my radar scope but complex enough to boggle your career-oriented, family-focused mind that many of us are in - Canon, Nikon, Sony and perhaps Olympus.

Canon is simplistically solid; Nikon, advanced and well-designed, Sony, Minolta's heritage all over while Olyumpus weather-hardy but short historical lineage. Attached is my final decision - Nikon D90.

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