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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

About the Nikon D90 Grip

I visited the local Nikon showroom recently just to check out how the service center works and how each product was showcased. Not surprisingly, the bigger brother D300, D700 and D3x were all on display on the hands-on counter.

I swiftly picked the D700 up, followed by the D300 and was surprised to discover that the grip is significantly shorter than the Nikon D90's! Meaning to say, i find my finger nails biting into the body as the whole weight of the camera rests on the right hand. When I re-picked up the Nikon D90, it just felt deep enough with the proper recess to contain my hand comfortably. None of my finger nails were forced to bite onto the body while on single hand. Mind you, I have a rather small hand.

This goes on to show how Nikon has taken this ergonomics into a higher gear with the revamp of the hand grip, making it significantly much more comfortable to hold the Nikon D90 for long time intervals. And with the battery extender MB-D80 installed, it is really beginning to feel like one proper camera. The weight distribution is almost 50-50!

Interesting discovery I must say!